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We’re Different

No Bandaids

When Cherry comes to your house to address a roofing issue, they’re looking for the root of the problem and will only apply solutions that will truly protect your home. No band-aids.

Real Pros

We live professionalism. Our field employees are paid a fair hourly wages, pass rigorous background checks, and are certified installers by top roofing manufacturers. It’s all reliability, quality, and safety.

24/7 Service

If a roof is giving our customers a hard time, we want to take care of it in a timely manner. That’s why we offer a 24/7 roofing repair service so we can minimize damage to your home and keep your interior dry.

A People Centered Approach



Whether it’s storm damage, falling tree branches or standard wear and tear, Cherry Roofing is here to help extend the life of your roof and prevent more damage to your home.


It’s all about keeping the costs down and eliminating future headaches. With our regular maintenance services, we’re able to help homeowners get the most out of there roofs.

A Cherry Roofing crew standing in front of a home getting a new roof in Vancouver, Washington.


With over ten years of roofing experience, our knowledgeable roofing specialists can help you select the best roof for your needs, your home’s style, and your budget.

New Home

Building a new home? Top it off with a well built roof that comes with an unmatched warranty on our work for up to 50 years. On time, on budget, and beautifully installed.

Our Roofs Include Unmatched Warranties

Don’t just put any roof on your home.
Put a Cherry Roof on it.