Cherry Roofing maintenance in Vancouver, WA

Cherry Roofing specializes in keeping your roof performing at its absolute best. We offer professional roof cleaning services and regularly scheduled maintenance service visits for your home or business. Our comprehensive maintenance programs, if followed regularly, can help extend the life of your current roof and prevent costly roof replacement projects.

Contact us at 360-823-0127 or fill out our contact form to have one of our qualified professionals give you an in-home consultation and estimate.

Preventative Roof Maintenance Program

Cherry Roofing’s annual roof maintenance program includes:

  • Thorough roof inspections to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Minor repair work
  • Comprehensive estimates for any major repairs or replacement
  • Roof, gutter and drainage area cleaning
  • Complete documentation of roof defects, water entry points and damage
  • Detailed written assessments with photographs

Great job and really went the extra mile for us. Top quality. I would highly recommend.

Roof Cleaning Services

Cherry Roofing’s one time roof cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough roof inspection to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Roof, gutter and drainage area cleaning
  • Comprehensive estimates for any major repairs or replacement

Roof Inspections and Diagnosis

Professional opinion? We offer free, in home consultations:

  • Budget estimations
  • Roof consultations
  • Maintenance estimations
  • Photos of the inspection process are provided