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At Cherry Roofing, we excel at roof replacements. With over ten years of roofing experience, our knowledgeable and highly trained staff can help you select the best roof for your needs, your home’s style and your budget. Each Cherry Roofing roof replacement comes with our standard material and workmanship warranties. Financing is available.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal shingles are lightweight and can mimic wood, slate, or tile. Metal Shingles offer a great residential appeal and can be made from aluminum or steel. A metal roof installation can be done with one of our many product options. Some of the more popular options Cherry Roofing is experienced with include:

Metal Shake – Metal can be manufactured to look exactly like traditional tile roofing material, however, metal has the advantage of not having the weight associated with ceramic or concrete tile so structural reinforcement is not necessary. Cherry Roofing offers Energy Star rated aluminum shingles from PermaLock, a leader in green roofing since 1948. A metal roof with PermaLock material offers these amazing benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Won’t rust
  • Reflects heat
  • Fire-resistant
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Made from recycled material
  • Can be installed over your existing roof
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • Warranted to withstand winds up to 165 mph

Standing Seam – Standing seam roofing consists of a continuous series of interlocking panels which can be used on any style roofing from low and steep sloped to mansard. This system can be used to effectively hide topside clutter such as HVAC equipment and ductwork. Panels are available in several different gauges and colors to fit with any design.

Composition Roof Replacement

Composition shingle materials top the list of materials preferred by designers, architects, builders and homeowners. Top reasons include:

Versatility – Composition shingle systems can be manufactured to resemble a wide range of roofing materials from slate to rustic wood shake. Composition can include soft textured and solar reflective qualities as well.

Color Choices – Composition shingles are available in virtually every color and hue combination from vibrant, soft shadows to bold, bright contrast.

Easy Installation – No structural reinforcement is needed to install this system. Composition shingle products can be applied quickly and efficiently for new construction and replacement projects alike.

Affordability – Composition products are among the most cost effective materials on the market due to their high availability and wide range of products to choose from. Composition’s easy installation further reduces costs by cutting back on labor costs.

Warranty – Many composition shingle products are protected with a limited lifetime warranty and many are guaranteed algae resistant for up to 10 years.

Durability – Some composition shingle installations can withstand winds of up to 130 mph. Their laminated and reflective coatings make them heat and UV resistant, and resilient to impact damage from hail and falling branches.

Cedar Shingle Roof Replacement

Wood shingle roofs offer a unique look and feel that no other material can match.

Natural Look –  Wood shake roofs have a wealth of character from the natural variation in wood thickness, width, and grain that can greatly add to the attractiveness of your home.

Insulation – Wood is an excellent natural insulator. Wood shingle roofs help to better insulate the attic and allow for ventilation by circulating air through the small openings under the felt rows on which shingles are laid.

Installation – Installation of wood shingles is more complicated than other materials so projects are typically more involved.

Maintenance and Repair – Wood roofs can be pre-treated to keep them looking good for years.

Flat Roof Replacement

Cherry Roofing installs the following flat surface roofs:

Single Ply – Single Ply roof membranes are comprised of flexible sheets of synthetic polymers that are tough, tear resistant, UV Resistant, and easily repaired. The 3 types of single ply are TPO, PVC, and EPDM, all have similarities and differences.

Built up Roofing (BUR) – Built up roofing consists of a layered surface at is applied in three-foot sections with fiber based laminates below modified bitumen.

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How Often Does a Roof Need to be Replaced?

When it comes to knowing just when the right time is to replace your roof, you have to take into consideration the type of material your home’s roof is made out of. Metal in the state of Washington usually lasts the lifetime of your home, with proper maintenance. Rubber can last from 50-100 years, depending on upkeep and maintenance. A composition and asphalt roof may carry a limited 20-30-40-50-year warranty, however, due to massive rain storms and high winds, this type of roofing should be replaced every 14-20 years.

Roof Insurance Claims

Has your roof been damaged? We work with you and your insurance company to help simplify the process as much as possible. Our teams are willing to work with you through every step of the process. We provide…

  • Consultation about making a claim
  • Liaisons to work between the home-owner and insurance company
  • Roof repair and replacement services
  • Assistance in completion of the insurance payments

What Our Clients Are Saying

I live in Oregon and own a rental home in Washington. The home had a leaking roof and was in terrible shape. I was referred to Brian at Cherry Roofing. He promptly gave me an estimate that was very reasonable. He called and let me know when he was doing the work and he completed the job in one day. We thought they had not been to the house because the site was left so clean. There was not a scrap of garbage, paper, roofing or nails anywhere on the property. The roof is very well done and looks great! They matched the parts of the old roof (we were able to keep some of it) perfectly. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs roofing done.

J. Harris

We would recommend this company to anyone needing roof repair – they were great! A branch fell on our roof and caused some damage and a leak. Called Cherry Roofing at noon and they had a guy out here the same day! He was professional and curteous. He found the damage and leak quickly and fixed it right away for what we felt was a great price. Thanks Cherry Roofing – we will definitely be doing business again with you in the future!

Satisfied Customer

The bid was one of the highest, but they went over it with us. We could see the difference and realized that it was the best roof for us. We saved money by tearing off our old roof ourselves and they put the new one on very quick. It looks so nice and really makes our house look great! Our neighbors loved our roof so much they had one put on too. Cherry Roofing is very professional and worked with us to help us stay within our budget.

Satisfied Customer