Listen First

When we help customers with a roof, our first priority is to take the time to listen, to closely understand exactly what our customers need.

Best Solutions

Our roofing proposals are based on the golden rule: roof unto others what you’d put on your own house. It might not be as cheap, but it’ll last for years.

Do It Right

When it comes to installation, we hire the best roofers in the area and pay them a fair hourly rate to do it right.
No piecework; no subcontractors.

What Our Customers Say

Roofing Specialists

Why “Cherry” for Roofing

Two decades ago, the founders of Cherry Roofing had the opportunity to purchase a beautiful, historic piece of property on the wild and scenic John Day River as it nears its mouth on the Columbia River. Steeped with history and natural beauty, it was there our relationship with roofing and cherries began.

Near the river where the Oregon Trail Pioneers camped and rested before ascending out of the river canyon to continue on to the Dalles, there’s an orchard of about 1,200 young cherry trees. When the cherry trees began to produce fruit, it was discovered they were the sweetest and juiciest morsels ever eaten. It is unknown whether it is the micro-climate, the fertile volcanic soil, or the ghosts of all those pioneers who died along the trail which are responsible for producing such extraordinary cherries. More than likely, it is a combination of all these, along with all the hard work and attention to detail.

Those cherries provided the inspiration for creating a roofing company whose products and services would produce the same satisfaction as the pleasure experienced when enjoying a bite of the sweetest, juiciest cherry. From this history, Cherry Roofing was established with the idea of being the “cherry on top” to any roofing company in the Pacific Northwest!

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