Why Cherries for a Roofing Company?

Two decades ago, the founders of Cherry Roofing had the opportunity to purchase a beautiful, historic piece of property on the wild and scenic John Day River as it nears its mouth on the Columbia River. It was there our relationship with roofing and cherries began. The location of this property is steeped in history. It is where the Oregon Trail Pioneers and their wagon trains forded the John Day River. They camped and rested here before ascending out of the river canyon to continue on to the Dalles or take the Barlow Trail Cut-off to Oregon City. The wagon ruts they formed while passing through are still visible today on some portions of the property that have never been cultivated.

Eventually, the wagon trains ceased as railroads were completed and this area continued as a major hub for travel between Pendleton and Portland. It was also a major route to the gold fields in Canyon City. At one time there was also a ferry, a bridge, a stagecoach station, and a post office. This route continued to be well used until the Columbia River Highway was completed in 1922.

One documented murder took place here in addition to reported murders. There are documented burials of pioneers and doubtless numerous undocumented burials. A stone fence still stands on the property after over 125 years and was reportedly built by Native American labor. Water rights for irrigating from the river date to 1863.

The Cherry Orchard That Produced A Roofing Company

Besides the history, hills, rocks, and rattlesnakes, this property includes some irrigated farmland along the river. Here stands an orchard of about 1,200 young cherry trees, planted by the previous farmer.

When the cherry trees began to produce fruit, it was discovered they were the sweetest, juiciest and tastiest morsels ever eaten. It is unknown whether it is the micro-climate here, the fertile volcanic soil, or the ghosts of all those pioneers who died along the trail which are responsible for producing such sweet and extraordinary cherries. More than likely, it is a combination of all these along with all the hard work and attention to detail which results in these delectable morsels.

Those cherries provided the inspiration for creating a roofing company whose products and services would produce the same satisfaction as the pleasure experienced when enjoying a bite of the sweetest, juiciest cherry. From this history, Cherry Roofing was established with the idea of being the “cherry on top” to any roofing company in the Pacific Northwest! If you love cherries – you’ll love us!